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Winery/Brewery Tours

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In the hills or flats, by the seas or the desert – in every nook or cranny of our vast brown land there lies a winery or brewery with goods to be sampled and bought. In fact, if it involves alcohol, us Aussies will travel far and wide to be involved… ‘couple of drinks , couple of laughs… no worries – count me in!’

Winery and Brewery Tours Fundraiser

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Financial Considerations

Upfront deposits may be required for the tour or bus company if you engage one. If you are running the bus yourself then petrol and hire costs will need to be accounted for plus refreshments for the driver (poor bugger needs some consolation for driving everyone.)

All these considerations need to be covered in the ticket cost so careful not to sell your tickets too cheap otherwise everyone will have a ball but your funds raised will be minimal. Also, be aware of minimum costs and numbers in seats – ie do you need to pay for unused seats?

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Promotion of this type of event is typically done via club resources: website, noticeboards, newsletters and social media pages.

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Revenue Opportunities

Winery/Brewery tours can raise anywhere between $500 - $2000 for your club. The bus ride also provides opportunities to sell club merchandise. You may even convince the winery/brewery to part with a case of their finest in return for your club's custom, which you can then raffle. You should also be able to negotiate with the winery/brewery for a percentage of all sales madeon the day. 15% of all sales is not an unreasonable share of the days purchases.

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Licences and Permits

The venues will handle required licences and permits for liquor and food. If you are driving the bus there will be a requirement depending on the bus size ie not everyone is licensed to drive a heavy vehicle (large bus).

Factors to Consider

Code of Conduct

Nobody likes messy drunks, so clubs should make it clear that any behaviour that is untoward will not be tolerated. There should also be enough club representatives, who do not drink, on hand to make sure clear heads prevail should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Remember your club's reputation is at stake every time you step out on a club sponsored outing.


This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.