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Art Auctions

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Every community has their budding artists that are looking to raise their profile and sell their work; a club run Art Auction gives local artists that opportunity as well as helping the club raise vital funds.


Art Auction

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Financial Considerations

Funds are raised by selling art at auction to the highest bidder. Clubs agree on a fair and reasonable split with the artist, keeping in mind that the main objective of the night is to raise funds for the club and have the artist raise their profile and make some money.

Set up costs are minimal as this event can be held in a club room.

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It is unlikely that clubs will attract Art Lovers and Dealers to their Auction and therefore they should not promote the event that way. Promotion should revolve around the message of helping local artists raise their profile. Mums and Dads who are not into buying art are more likely to be persuaded if they believe the funds will a) support the club b) support artists in the club's ranks and c) give back to the local community by supporting artists in the local community. Promoting your event with a community message means that your event is more likely to attract an audience outside your club from the wider community who may not be interested in sport but are interested in community events or art.

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Revenue Opportunities

Along with a commission from the sale of the art, clubs may consider charging an entry fee but this may be a bit rich for a night of undiscovered artists. We suggest no entry fee and if your club has a liquor and food license, then you can be sure to make some profit on those items during the course of the night.

Factors to Consider

Sourcing the Artwork

Clubs may find budding artists within their own ranks that are keen to have their art go under the hammer. Otherwise local communities always have art clubs or local colleges full of artists and students willing to participate. Simply extend an invitation and make sure the artist understands what they will make and what the club keeps if their work sells.

Don't be afraid to include the work of the kiddies from your clubs junior and sub-junior ranks in the auction, as these often fetch the highest prices and the proud parents and relatives are more likely to attend and help fill the room


If you haven't got someone with auctioneer experience within the club's ranks, approach your local real estate agents and ask for their help in return for putting up one of their signs.


This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.