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If your club is considering raising funds then they must consider The Australian Sports Foundation.  The ASF currently supports over 770 projects!

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What is the Australian Sports Foundation?

The Australian Sports Foundation (ASF) was established by the Australian Government in 1986 to assist eligible community organisations raise funds for the development of Australian sport by offering the incentive of tax deductibility for donations. The ASF is supported by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

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The ASF operates the Fundraising4Sport Program which assists the development of sport in Australia. The program aims to increase opportunities for Australians to participate in sport and/or excel in sports performance. Registering your club’s project with the ASF may allow you to receive discretionary grants for your project to assist with funding. The vital information about this program can be found on the ASF website here how. The main points are listed below:

For a sports club to be eligible to register a sport-related they need to be:

• An non-profit or a government organisation or
• Incorporated in Australia under appropriate legislation
• Be financially viable
• Have an ABN

Projects eligible for consideration for ASF registration must:

• Be sport related
• Aim to increase opportunities for Australians to participate in sport and/or to excel in sports performance
• Be financially viable

There are several types of projects that can be registered with the ASF. The types and examples of projects that may be relevant to your club are listed below:

• Facility development – Building new facilities such as tennis courts, ball parks, hockey pitches and sporting complexes. Upgrading, extending or relocating an existing facility such as lighting installation, disability access or spectator seating. Building facilities such as toilet blocks and change rooms.

• Facility feasibility study – A feasibility study is the analysis and assessment of the potential of building or upgrading a facility which your club will need to go through before any new or upgrading facility projects. Projects will only be considered for ASF registration where a feasibility study will be undertaken.

• Equipment – Purchasing things like rowing craft, goalposts, hurdles and safety equipment

• Team travel – Travel to state or national championships by regional or state representative teams.

• Sport development – Courses/clinics/camps/events used to increase participation levels and promote your given sport.and/or programs designed to support the development of elite athletes or teams as part of their pathway to success. Recording and preserving sport history also fits in this category.

• Hosting a Major Sporting Event – if your club is awarded the rights to host a sprting event or carnival, then aspects of this may form the basis of a project with the ASF.

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As mentioned at the top of the page, the benefit for individuals and businesses is they can make tax deductible donations to the ASF in support of a project registered with the ASF. A donation is an unconditional gift made to the ASF, offered voluntarily and not as a result of contractual obligation, and for which the donor receives no material benefit or expectation of benefit in return. Donations deposited into the ASF’s bank account become the pool of funds available for consideration as discretionary grants to registered projects.

ASF approved donation forms must be completed (distributed to clubs upon registration of a project, for more info contact the ASF) and signed by donors for receipting purposes. Click the following link to see an example of an ASF approved donation form:

The ASF will issue a receipt for donations of $2 or more.

Donors may nominate, but not insist on, an ASF registered project as their preferred beneficiary. So, once your club has registered a project with the ASF, instead of donors just giving money to your club to support the upcoming project, they can donate that money to the ASF and nominate your club’s project as the beneficiary. This way their donation in support of your club’s project is tax deductible. This is where the real advantage of the Australian Sports Foundation lies for clubs. It is pretty clear that if people are able to claim a tax deduction on their donation in support of a project, they may be willing to donate greater amounts than if they were just giving post-tax money straight to the club.

*Donors should be aware that all claims for a tax deduction are subject to acceptance by the Commissioner of Taxation.

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Benefits to Clubs

The benefits to your club of registering a project with the ASF are simply too great to ignore. You are much more likely to raise the desired amount of funds when the offer of tax deductibility is made available to donors. Creating partnerships involving your club, donors and the ASF also simplifies the process of facilitating donations for your club. The General Manager of Sorrento Golf Club in Victoria backs this up:

“Being able to offer our members a tax deduction for their support of our Water Project made the process of facilitating contributions that much easier. In the end with the help of the ASF we were able to exceed our fundraising objectives”.

Your club’s project, the donor, and Australian sport in general will all benefit from the involvement of the ASF.

Process to apply for projects to be registered

Applications to register a project can be made at any time by lodging a completed Fundraising4Sport application form (contact the ASF on 02 6214 7868 or complete the online enquiry form to receive an application kit and guidelines).

To apply to register a project with the ASF to collect donations and receive consideration for discretionary grants, applicants must include payment of a $275 application fee (refundable when a donation threshold of $5000 is reached in the first 12 months of project registration) along with the following supporting documentation:

  • Constitution/Memorandum and Articles
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Previous two years audited financial statements/annual reports
  • Endorsement letter (from the relevant parent organisation or key stakeholder)
  • List of committee members
  • Draft promotional material (if already developed)

For more information on the Australian Sports Foundation and the Sport Incentive Program visit