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Produce your club history or give your club members a chance at their 15 minutes of fame. These days printing technology has given consumers access to economical short-run printing to enable them to produce printed material for their family and friends without the need for publishers, such as a book or calendar.

Clubs could produce a cookbook featuring recipes from club members, or a history of their club. Or they could produce a novelty calendar featuring characters/celebrities from the club, a concept made famous by a bowls club in England where all of the elderly women posed naked for charity. (Not that we’re advocating you adopt this idea as depending on who is in the calendar, you may end up with zero sales.)

The opportunities are endless, creativity is the only limiting factor.

Book Calendar

Photo above is a cookbook fundraising effort by Swag team Perth.

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Financial Considerations

The cost of producing calendars and books depends on the format of the product - full colour, paperback, hardback, number of pages, etc - and the size of the print run. A paperback club history could cost as low as $3 per copy for 100 copies and a cookbook with 200 pages and 100 pictures is probably going to be around the $40 mark. Then clubs need to add their fundraising premium on top.

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Other costs include a photographer (if photos are required) and a graphic artist to design the cover and or pages, although most clubs would have both in their ranks who might contribute their time for free.

There are also many online options where clubs can setup their own calendars and books for little or no cost and have them printed as well such as, where you can upload your own photos and cover designs and print your book.

The inherent risk is the printing costs and matching the projections to actual sales. This can be mitigated (if it's a book product) by utilising a Print on Demand printing service. POD is where books are only printed when an order is placed, this is a much cheaper option for the club as there are no upfront printing costs.

The only costs involved with POD are in the production and design of the book (unless you do it all yourself). When a book is ordered, it is printed and the club receives the money in their account. Simple as that, no need to pay for copies that may not be bought, no need for a place to keep stock.


Promotion is the key. Promote your calendar or book online at your club's website and via email and newsletter announcements. If your club has a Paypal account, you can link your calendar or book to the account and people can then purchase it online from your website or an email. You will need an internet savvy person to set this up.

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This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.