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Car Rally

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A car rally fundraiser can be run in a couple of different formats.

Multi-day Car Rally

A car rally can take the format of the famous Bourke Bash, stopping at country towns and including dressed up cars that can help attract attention and fundraising along the route. Each entrant is required to run a specific event each evening to help raise funds to a level before the event. This is a major event that is run over a large distance and has substantial technical requirement from the entrants and also the organiser to ensure safety and mechanical and health assistance is available at all times. This event is a massive undertaking and requires 1-2 years planning, the detail required is beyond this website, we suggest contacting the Variety Bash organisers or The Great Endeavour Rally – both have been run for many years.

One-day Car Rally

Club members and friend networks are encouraged to join forces in a car, travel to various destinations and undertake a variety of tasks. Points and prizes are awarded for the winners.

Car Rally Fundraiser

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Financial Considerations

The event itself is very inexpensive to run as most costs are incurred by participants (petrol, food, etc) and a little pre-planning is all that’s required for a successful event. Event costs increase if prizes are awarded that cannot be sourced from sponsors. Sports Community suggest clubs restrict the event to a "bragging rights" prize.

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Let the club members know the rally is on by promoting it via the club facebook, website and newsletter. Make sure someone takes along a good camera or camcorder to record all the hijinks for promotional use in future years.

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Revenue Opportunities

The main fundraiser is the entrance fee to join the rally. A car rally is not a massive fundraising opportunity but it is a fun day that can provide a team building event and engender support for the club.

To bolster the coffers, clubs can seek sponsorship from local businesses for the rally - "The Beaumaris Soccer Club Car Rally, Proudly sponsored by..."

Licenses and Permits

All drivers need valid licenses. Cars need to be roadworthy and insured. Clubs need to speak with their insurance company to check if there are any further requirements that need to be satisfied and whether participants have to sign a disclaimer agreement prior to the event.

Factors to Consider


The idea of this event is a set course to navigate over a day with tasks to be completed at each checkpoint. Clues are picked up from checkpoints that will lead the driver and team to their next destination and task. Tasks and clues can be as creative as you like… Puzzles, flags, riddles.

Participants should have to collect photographic evidence and also bring back relevant items from each checkpoint as proof of task completion.

Set a realistic finish time so that cars can finish well within time. And have a get-together at the conclusion of the event - choose an endpoint that's close to a pub or restaurant - to relive all the excitement and announce the winners.

It is very important that participants understand this is not a race. Do not award points based on completition times.


This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.