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Lolly and Chocolate Drive

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Occasionally, a rush of blood, a ferocious display of risk, perhaps even a hint of arrogance will lead a punter to back against a roaring favorite like Black Caviar? But you should never back against a chocolate drive to achieve fundraising success.

So what does Black Caviar have to do with a chocolate drive? Both have stunning success, draw a decent crowd together and are universally loved. There are other valuable fundraisers, the reason this one is the favorite, is because the track record in the Club Cash Generating Stakes is unmistakably awesome!

Decide on your provider, distribute, market, sell, collect and count… it is a very simple process. Due diligence and accurate record keeping will ensure this fundraiser is a great benefit to your club. Chocolate drives are popular because they work.

Chocolate Drive

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What is Required?

The target audience for this fundraiser is the families, friends, work colleagues and neighbours of sports club members.

Volunteer/Staffing Requirements

  • Sports club members all take part in the fundraising.
  • Small number of volunteers to be responsible for distribution and collection of chocolates, promoting event and managing finances.

  • Revenue Focus

  • Revenue raised will be dependent on how involved individuals within the club are with the drive.
  • If most club members sell chocolates this can be a low cost, low risk fundraising opportunity that can raise reasonable funds.
  • It is recommended that one box per family is an achievable goal with the option for families to sell more than one box if they wish to.

  • Event Logistics

  • Club members need to be aware when and where they are to collect the chocolates
  • A person or persons need to be in charge of receiving, storing, distributing and collecting the chocolates and monies
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    Financial Considerations

    Potential profit for your chocolate drive will be driven by your attention to detail in collecting and marketing your efforts.

    Budget Overview

  • NO upfront costs as fundraising chocolate can usually be procured on credit.
  • Costs are limited to any advertising including letter creation, printing etc.
  • It is recommended chocolates be distributed and collected at team meetings to reduce the need for special delivery trips
  • Credit terms of 28 days are available though this is subject to a credit check.
  • If credit is not undertaken the chocolates would need to be paid for in advance.

  • How much Revenue can be Raised from the Event

  • A conservative estimate would be to base projected revenue on one box per family.
  • It is anticipated that although some families may not sell a box, others will sell more than one.

  • Expenses to be Considered

  • Advertising costs if undertaken
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    Risks to Consider

    Whilst it is a great fundraiser there are risks that need to be taken into account.

  • The club needs to ensure that all unsold chocolates and/or monies be returned to the club before the credit period expires. To assist this process, ongoing communication is advised with those selling the chocolates to ensure they are aware of important dates.
  • After the credit date expires, clubs will be required to return all unsold chocolates and pay for those sold so it is imperative families selling chocolates are aware of key dates

  • Within the school system there has been a reduction in chocolate drives due to the focus on healthy products only being sold. Clubs should ensure members are ok with selling chocolates before committing the club community to the fundraiser.

    Financial Exposure Risks

  • The club will be liable for returning all unsold chocolates and monies even if they have not received them back from all club members
  • To reduce this risk, club members must be reminded of dates and collection of chocolates and funds must be done in a timely manner
  • Once the date of credit terms has passed, generally unsold chocolates cannot be returned.
  • To ensure that clubs don’t get left with unsold chocolates, some clubs request that those selling chocolates return only the funds for the box after this date and not the chocolate. This means that a club member that does not return their unsold chocolates by the set date is effectively purchasing the unsold chocolates themselves.
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    Promotion & $$$ Maximisation

    What other Activities can be Utilised to Raise Revenue and increase Interest?

  • Offering prizes to those who sell the most chocolates is a great way to motivate club members. This results in some members selling many boxes, which negates the effect of some members not selling any.
  • Clubs can also encourage members to start selling as soon as possible by offering all those who sell a box in the first week entry to an early bird raffle
  • Posting updates on leading sellers in the club's social media is a also a great encouragement technique

  • What are the Opportunities for Merchandise Sales, how to arrange this

  • Merchandise could also be advertised on any letters or promotions advertising the chocolate drive

  • What are the Opportunities for Membership Sales, how to arrange this

  • Membership sales could be advertised on any letter or advertising promoting the chocolate drive.

  • Sponsorship

    Although the chocolate drive itself would not be sponsored, it may be possible to utilise your existing sponsors and business supporters by requesting they allow for chocolates to be sold in their premises by one of the following methods:

  • Display box on reception desk with reception collecting funds
  • Allow a club member to visit during a specified time to sell chocolates to staff
  • Advertise the chocolate drive via in-house communication such as emails, staff newsletters etc
  • Place a poster in the staff room advertising the chocolate drive
  • If the business is a retailer they may be willing to sell your chocolates at their point of sale.

  • Marketing and promotions

  • Marketing and promotion for this event would generally be low or no cost and focused locally. To promote externally there needs to be external places that people can purchase the chocolates
  • Promotions at club functions
  • Newsletters, email, social media
  • Match day promotions
  • Paid advertising (only if low cost)
  • Local papers
  • Posters (photocopied)
  • Key locations - you might be able to sell via a one day street stall depending on council permission. Some supermarkets also allow fundraising on their premises so this should be discussed with your local supermarket managers
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    Cash Management

    How will the Cash be Collected?

  • For simplicity, it is preferable that all chocolates and monies are collected on one day. If the club has Saturday tournaments for instance, this would be a good day to collect.
  • A person or persons needs to be appointed responsible for collecting, reconciling and storing cash collected during the event. This person(s) would also be responsible for following up with members who had not returned either chocolate or funds to ensure that the club is not out of pocket when it comes time to pay for the chocolates.
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