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Choice Hotels – Choice Sports Program

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Many sporting clubs and associations travel. It might be a short day trip, a longer trip interstate, or perhaps even overseas. There are also plenty of members of clubs who travel personally for business or leisure…

To suit all the above needs, Choice Hotels have launched a great new community sports initiative for grassroots sporting clubs across Australia and New Zealand called Choice Sports.

Choice Hotels have more than 260 hotels, suits and resorts across Australia and New Zealand, plus over 6,300 hotels worldwide.

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What's on Offer?

Choice Sports offers sporting clubs and organisations 15% discount on accommodation and the opportunity to earn incremental revenue through a 7% kick-back to the club to assist in raising important funds.

Discount: 15% off
Commission: 7% goes back to your club

*It’s free to sign-up and there’s no catch!!

How does Choice Sports Work?

By joining this program, you will receive:

1. 15% off the Best Available Rate (e.g. room rate = $200, your rate would be $170)
2. In return, Choice will give back a 7% rebate on each booking to the club (e.g. this may be $11.90 per night, or $1,200 for 100 nights)

Don’t forget:

*Anyone can use the offer (players, members, supporters, family, friends)
*It’s not just for sport travel – all leisure travel is included
*There are no minimum number of bookings or requirements

Who is already reaping the rewards?

Since the program officially launched a number of sporting clubs and organisations across Australia have already signed up, including:

  • Little Athletics Australia
  • Melbourne Heart Football Club
  • Football Federation Victoria
  • Table Tennis Australia
  • Greater Shepparton Basketball Club
  • Swimming SA
  • Squash NSW
  • Western Australia Institute of Sport
  • Brisbane Women’s Hockey
  • Tennis ACT
  • Box Hill Golf Club
  • University Blues Football Club
  • How to Register for the Choice Sports Program

    The online registration form is on the Choice Sports website: Click here to find it

    It is a quick and simple form to complete!

    Once you have signed up, Choice Hotels will send your club its individual Booking Code and a Welcome Pack.

    This Booking Code can then be used to make hotel bookings online or by quoting it when you call the Choice Hotels Reservation Desk.

    The commission is then automatically transferred into the Club’s bank account that you nominated on the registration form.

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    Promoting your Choice Sports Program

    Choice Hotels can provide the following materials to help you promote this program:

  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Website banners or MRECS
  • E-Newsletter content
  • Business Cards

  • Basically anything with your Clubs unique booking ID to distribute to Club members, friends, family etc. This way everyone has the code when it comes time to book in accommodation!

    Here is a short, one minute video explaining Choice Sports:

    How to get this Program Really Working for Your Club

    Here are some ideas to keep the Choice Sports program front of mind so you can raise more funds for your Club:

  • Place information on the homepage of your website
  • Include Choice Sports information in every newsletter you sent to Club members
  • Place information in the Yearbook, Information booklet or Sports Record that your members all receive at the beginning of the season
  • Remind parents of players that they can receive 15% discount on accommodation for sporting trips
  • Book your Club’s end of season trip with Choice Hotels
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    Case Study - Little Athletics Australia

    To view the case study of Little Athletics Australia partnership with Choice Hotels and the Choice Sports Program, click this link or click the image below.

    Choice Hotels