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Cow Lotto

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Believe it or not, watching a cow poop can be fun. Cow Lotto is a gambling event to be run in conjunction with other events be it a fete or fair. It can be run alongside jumper presentations, sprint/gift days, agricultural shows or any other major event for your club. It can also be run as a stand-alone event.

The event is in essence a gambling raffle and game of chance. A cow is escorted onto a field or courtyard with numbered gridlines. The crowd awaits for the cow to poop. Each square on the grid is sold for a nominal fee. The grid which the cow poops on is the winner of the nominated cash prize.

A variation on this event is a Chicken drop day – basically substitute your cow for a Chicken! It scales down the needs for transport, fencing and crowd interaction concerns. Whilst it may be difficult for clubs to organise the particulars of a cow in the metro area, a chicken is the perfect substitute. All the same rules and principals apply.

Targeted at club members and surrounding public this event will take anywhere from 1min to 1hr for the cow to poop. People that are interested in taking a punt on the game will be able to pre purchase tickets.

Cow Lotto

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Financial Considerations

Potential profit this event can generate can be $200 to $10000. The upfront investment for this event will revolve around the acquisition of Cow, transport, ticketing, licencing, fencing, insurance and ground paint. It may worth calling for a donation of a cow from the club community as well as transport and fencing to reduce costs.

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Promote Cow Lotto using club resources such as the club website, newsletter and social media pages.

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Revenue Opportunities

Revenue raised relates direct to ticket prices. The revenue can vary depending on two things, the sale price of the grids and number of squares. Priced at anywhere from $2 per square to $45 the number of grid should also vary from 100-600. The cash prize will determine the regulations for gambling licensing.

Licenses and Permits

It is the responsibility of clubs to check their state or territory's gambling regulations to make sure their Cow lotto fundraiser is a legal event.

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Factors to Consider

The Cow

This event involves livestock so experienced handlers are required. At all times, the welfare of the animal should be taken into account.


This is not an event to hold in a confined area. There needs to be enough space allocated to allow for fencing and the setup of the grid as well as access for participants in the raffle.


This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.