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Crowd Funding

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Crowd funding is a way of raising money for a specific project using the internet and social networking technologies to get small amounts of money from a lot of people (cumulatively, this can equal a lot of money). Crowd Funding allow you to describe and promote your cause to their audience, whether it be raising money for your club, seeking funds for a charity event, some folks even use Crowd Funding to raise money for movie projects. It’s up to you to promote your cause well enough to get your supporters, sponsors friends, family, club members and your community to donate so you can reach your funding goal.

Crowd Funding

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Crowd Funding Platforms

There are a number of Crowd Funding platforms out there in the marketplace.

  • Kickstarter
  • indiegogo
  • Pozbile
  • Gofundme
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    How to begin Crowd Funding

    To begin crowd funding your project, follow the procedure below:

  • The project creator goes to the crowd funding site and signs up
  • Login and create a project.
  • Fill in project information and contact information, then click Create Project
  • Upload an engaging image as the project logo
  • Fill in the details of your project. As a suggestion, start the description by inserting a short 1 min video.
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    How does it work?

    Your club sets up a page online, through any of the above listed crowd funding sites. The page provides a clear overview of a club project or cause (eg. Extension of the kitchen or more playing equipment), the amount of money sought and exactly what it will be used for.

    The club project page has the ability to host multimedia so clubs can post videos, music or photos to support their fundraising cause. It is important to put some thought into the development and creativity of the multimedia explaining why it is so important that people pledge to your cause. The objective of the multimedia is to get people to share it with their friends on social media.

    Supporters of the cause donate as little as a dollar. Incentives and rewards are very important for attracting attention and donations, the more bizarre and unique to your club the better. The most successful projects on crowd funding have offered a unique gift or product in return for a pledge, been well communicated, clearly set out with goals and driven by associated social media and networks. Gifts for pledges can range from stickers to club memberships, in fact gifts for pledges are limited only by the club's imagination but they must be seen as something of value in order to attract funds.

    For eg, for a $10 pledge, the donor receives a club beanie (keep you warm in winter), a $100 pledge gets a 1 hour remedial massage. Here is a full list of other suggestions:

  • $1 donation will get you a hug and the clubs gratitude
  • $10 donation will get you a club sticker
  • $50 donation will get you a stubby holder
  • $100 donation will get you a club membership
  • $150 donation a club membership and club polo
  • $500 donation all the above plus the right to sit in the coaches box on one game day
  • $1,000 donation allows all the above plus something special and unique to your club.

  • The money given is a pledge. If the amount needed for the project is not reached in the set timeframe, all pledges will be cancelled and no transactions take place.
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    How Successful is Crowd Funding?

    50% of the time, fund targets are not reached but this is mainly because the project/cause is not promoted or driven hard enough. If clubs are going to use Crowd Funding to raise funds they need to spend time to make their fundraising page interesting and drive the promotion using tools like social media.
    Very few clubs have tried crowd funding. It is not a magic giving tree, it will take time, effort and constant communication to get traction. When it does, amazing things can and do happen.

    Keys to Success

  • Plan your project, understand who you will approach and how. Most projects are busy on the first and last week then plateau during the middle, plan for this.
  • Clearly articulate why you are seeking funding and don't be afraid to make it attention grabbing and emotional. Use video, photo and music.
  • Make donors feel special by giving kudos to the donor with appropriate and unique rewards, public acknowledgement and thanks.
  • Don’t beg but do be persistent and focussed, keep updates coming every 5 days, anything more is excessive and frowned upon. Celebrate and thank successes, include people to be part of the projects journey and success.
  • People will donate because they know and love the club or because they love what you are doing. Work on engaging that emotional connection and value with donors. The video and gifts can reflect this most easily.
  • The ideal time frame for a project is 40-50 days, the average total donation is around $50. Try not to have too many donation options, (rather than $20, $30, $40 & $50 donor rewards, have $20 & $50) keep it simple and make it easy. Creative, unique and fun projects that enhance the community are the ones that people want to be involved with. A project to raise funds for a new rubber dingy, to be launched with a bottle of champers, containing videos of the kids from the Surf Life Saving Club singing a song about why they need a new dingy, and a message from the president explaining that the dingy is needed to save lives, is more likely to attract funds than a block of text that simply says: 'We are a Surf Life Saving Club and we need you to help us raise money to get a new dingy'.
  • Promote, promote and promote. Tell all your club members to visit the project page and donate and get them to share the page with their networks. Use Facebook and twitter to promote your page and cause.
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