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Fashion Show

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A fashion show is an opportunity to gather members from your community and showcase your local sponsors and gain revenue from multiple streams. Clubs can showcase the latest fashions to a ticketed crowd, hold raffles and set up accessory stalls for merchandise and other product sales, all with a view to generating income for the club. And that income can be substantial.

This event will require a high quality MC. Scripting the parade and promoting the sales of the day is a crucial part of making the event fun, engaging and to raise revenue.
Volunteers will also be required for catering, setup, serving, modelling and running raffles. Yes, this is an event heavy on burdens for assistance. The revenue opportunities that can come from this event when also combined with sponsorship agreements that can spin off from the event are substantial and limited in scope to your imagination. $5,000 – $10,000?

Fashion Show

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Financial Considerations

This event can be heavy on upfront expenses but keep in mind that well-run and attended fashion parades recoup anywhere between $500 - $10,000 for a club.

Upfront costs of venue, stage setting, runways, change facilities and seating may already be available in your club otherwise they will need to be hired. An experienced MC is a must to run the event, don't hand this job to any old volunteer or it will be a disaster.

Volunteers for planning, setup, food and drink sales, raffles, backstage help, modelling, supplier and sponsor management are needed if costs are to be kept to a minimum.

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Fashion events are of interest to everyone in the community, not just the members of your club so it essential that promotion is undertaken to a wider audience than just the club members.

Utilise community media like the community radio show and newspaper to promote your fashion show. Consider an advertising board located in a prominent position like a school or high-traffic intersection.

Club tools such as the website, newsletter and social media should also be used to promote the event as well as flyers and posters.

Clubs should also give thought to a celebrity guest judge to increase the profile of the event even further.If you can source a celebrity for little or no cost that will add signicifantly to the event.

The more people that attend, the higher the fundraising return.

Revenue Opportunities

Revenue opportunities are plenty:

  • Entrance fee to the event
  • Entrance fee for competitors
  • Food and drink sales
  • Local fashion retailers set up stalls and a percentage of their sales go to the club
  • Club merchandise sales
  • Raffles
  • Auctions
  • Silent auctions
  • Naming rights sponsor
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    Licenses and Permits

    Food serving permits will be required as will Liquor licensing. Any raffles will also need to adhere to gambling regulations. Clubs should visit their state liquor licensing and gambling authorities for guidance.

    Factors to Consider


    Organisation is key to having a successful Fashion Show fundraiser. A well-planned runsheet distributed to all volunteers with the exact timings of the night's events and who is responsible for what is a must.

    Technology Considerations

    Audio visual equipment, a stage and runway, some seating, sound and lighting and market stalls will all need to be considered.

    Contingency planning

    Clubs need to ensure their is enough expertise on hand to handle the technology and energy factors required. If the lights go out, or the stage crumbles or the ovens don't work, it could spell disaster for a night that has been months in the making, involves many volunteers and has cost significant money to set up. Emergency contact arrangements for electricians, plumbers and so on should be in place as part of contingency planning.


    This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.

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