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Golf Day

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Golf day fundraisers are an extremely popular fundraiser with the potential to raise significant funds for your club. There is something about a golf day that is very attractive to the sporting public – the lure of prizes maybe, a day ‘networking’ on a golf course perhaps.

Golf days can be a simple or sophisticated fundraising event. It can be as simple as organising a group of mates from your club to play with the lure of a prize or trophy at the end for the lowest scoring individual or team. Or it could be a day that is open to club members, business networks and sponsors with a fully catered dinner to finish off the day where prizes are awarded and auctions and raffles are held.

When done right and aimed at the right market, a golf day offers the potential to draw major funds to your club as well as establishing new networks and uncovering potential sponsors.


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Financial Considerations

Most golf clubs will work closely with your club to organise a fundraising day as they realise it is good business with the potential of attracting new members. If you plan to hold a fully-catered event then seek to work with a golf club that has a function organiser otherwise you will have a heavy volunteer workload for tasks such as invites, table and room setup, catering and so on.

You should also seek to work with golf clubs whose Pro will be actively involved on the day helping with organisational tasks like managing tee off times and equipment requirements.

Up front investment for a successful golf day can be substantial as most golf clubs will require a deposit and there are prizes to consider. Clubs should seek to mitigate costs by pre-selling tickets to participants to cover all costs and offering naming-rights sponsorship for the day and for selected holes where mini-competitions such as 'closest to the pin' are held.

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Promote your golf day through your club resources - website, newsletter and social media pages. It is important to utilise existing networks within your club by producing flyers and other promotional material and asking your members to distribute at their workplace or to their networks.

Clubs should also seek to recruit a celebrity to the golf day as this will help to give the event an event an even higher profile. Many sporting celebrities look for a way to give back to grassroots sport so don't be afraid to ask.

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Revenue Opportunities

Clubs can raise revenue through selling individual tickets for participation in the Golf day at a price that will cover green fees and catering requirements as well as adding a premium which will go to the club. Clubs can also sell tables to corporate clients.

Naming rights sponsorship packages for the day with signage can be sold to corporate participants as well as naming rights for particular holes where mini-comps are held. Clubs can also seek naming sponsorship for trophies and prizes - "The XYZ Company Longest Drive Trophy", "The ABC company Closest to the pin prize".

During the event organise a snack and drinks cart to do laps of the course.

A presentation dinner at the end of the day is a perfect setting for raffles and auctions and another lucrative opportunity to raise funds.



This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.