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iPod Shuffle Raffle

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This event will generate revenue for the club, and is a lot of fun to boot. An iPod shuffle night is in essence a reverse raffle to help your club raise funds. Each song on the play list is raffled to entrants, with all songs allocated. The last song played on the dance floor determines the winner. With all participants up and dancing and counting off the songs it becomes a real festive event with heaps of suspense and interest.

Songs can be sold off at $30-$50 per song and drawn out of a hat upon purchase. Alternatively raffle tix can be sold – then drawn and allocated to each song and crossed off as you go.

Some clubs have raised $1,500 – $2,500 with bar and food takings. Many clubs will offer a door prize for those wishing to come along for a drink and dance only to encourage a greater audience and thus more food and drink revenue.

iPod Shuffle

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Financial Considerations

Potential profit for this event can be up to $2000 depending on format, pricing, bar sales and how much clubs are willing to outlay on setup costs. Clubs could choose to pay to get speakers, get the event catered or they can do it all themselves and maximise their profits. Clubs will need to carefully consider alcohol and food stock and potential sales to make sure they do not over cater or worse, under cater.

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Promotion of this type of event should be done utilising existing club resources and social media ensuring costs are kept to a minimum, if not zero. Club resources include social media tools, club newsletters, the club website and noticeboards. The more members that are attracted to the event and participate, the better the atmosphere and financial return to the club.

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Revenue Opportunities

Revenue opportunities for this event are mainly from the raffle of the songs which could be as high as $2000 (50 songs x $40 each). Clubs that have food and alcohol serving capabilities can look to raise revenue from sales.

Licences and Permits

Licenses and permits typical of a club selling food and alcohol will be required if both are to be served at the event. Given the event is classified as a raffle, clubs need to check with local regulatory authorities to ensure they operate within the law. Each state in Australia has a government department regulating liquor and gambling licenses - clubs are encouraged to visit these sites and seek advocacy. Check the Sports Community information on gambling legislation for your state via this link.

Factors to Consider

Technology Considerations and Setup

A good set of speakers and a microphone will be needed and clubs should try and dress up their clubrooms to ensure the right dance club atmosphere. Clubs could go all out and hire lighting for the event as well. Clubs should also ensure a whiteboard/flipchart to ensure everyone knows which song has been purchased and the name of the purchaser. Clubs should also employ a volunteer with public speaking experience to MC the event to ensure a smooth flow on the night.


This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.