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Memorial Pavers and Bricks

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Pavers and bricks for a permanent club feature – clubroom, walk of champions, honour wall – are sold to members who would like to leave a permanent reminder of their time at the club or honour family members or friends that have served the club.

This is a unique way to raise significant funds and honour loyal members and serves as a reminder to those around the club of the important contributions made by past champions and volunteers over the years.

Pavers and Bricks


For more than 15 years Signature Engraving has been helping organisations Australia-wide with fundraising projects of all sizes. Their personalised engraved bricks and pavers can help you raise funds and provide permanent recognition of your donor’s generosity at the same time.

Signature Engraving caters to all fundraising needs by offering an extensive range of engraved fundraising products, including name bricks and pavers, brick facings and logos (engraved into a single paver or larger paver panel). They even engrave hand-drawn images!

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Financial Consideration

Engraving the masonry is the major cost. If the project is a standalone fixture - honour wall, walk of champions - and not part of a bigger refurb then planning and bricklaying costs will also need to be factored in.

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Licenses and Permits

It is a good idea to check with your local council whenever any building activity is planned.

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How does it Work?

Firstly, source a masonry engraving specialist in the market place.

Work out your core design and layout for your memorial paver. There will be variations on individual pavers but a constant theme and template will be required. Your masonry specialist should provide guidance.

Have a ‘floor plan’ for the setting of the pavers so that buyers can choose the location for their purchased paver. Some locations are more popular than others so be prepared to charge more for highly-visible locations.

Once completed – organise a special celebratory opening; those that have had pavers laid will be eager to see it all in place and the gathering presents a further opportunity to raise funds.


This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.