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Poker and Casino Nights

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A simple deck of cards… it draws players and supporters like flies to the pot!

Any sporting club susceptible to a rain delay knows this to be true.

Some of the biggest days for takings at our local cricket club were on rain drenched days. Long games of social cards and laughter filled the club rooms. Playing cards is inclusive – everyone can do it, 90% of people love it. It reminds us of childhood days. AND its fun.

Poker Night


Making Poker and Casino Events an Annual Event

As a fundraising night this is a no brainer for clubs. A memorable night that generates cash and offers value to the participants. This ensures an easy & viable annual event. 

Why not take one of our online courses and learn how to fundraise successfully

Why not take one of our online courses and learn how to fundraise successfully


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Financial Considerations

The key target of this night is attendance. If you can guarantee just 50 people then the rest is a very low fuss and low risk. Pre sales in advance can ensure success. Charging a nominated fee per head, running a raffle and the usual club facilities of food and drink will return a tidy sum to the club with little extra effort required.

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Promotion Requirements

Traditional club promotion through newsletters, social media and your inner club sanctum will ensure decent attendance. Focus on the fun, inclusion and ability of everyone to be part of the night.

Licences and Permits

In VIC, ACT and WA a gaming permit for the night is required.

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