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Order form drives are a great way to raise funds for your club. The club receives monies up front from a sale of an item before the goods are delivered. By collecting money up front from your families/members, your profit is guaranteed and you are financially risk free. You are not chasing people for the return of monies or merchandise. Order form drives can include a number of different types of products, for instance:

Billy G’s Cookie Dough

Pie Drives

Lamington Drives

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Order Form Drive

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Who offers Order Form Drive Fundraising? And how is it done?

There are many fundraising suppliers who offer order form drives to raise funds for your club; however one that has a proven track record is Australian Fundraising. They are a family owned and operated business and have been offering their proven and profitable fundraising programs for over 15 years. They provide everything to make the fundraiser a success and with the least effort to you.

You can view their website at or contact their office on (07) 3279 0140.

How does an order form drive work? It’s as easy as……

1. Plan your start date and book your chosen fundraiser.
2. The fundraising supplier will despatch your order forms before your scheduled hand out date.
3. You hand out your order forms and accompanying parent’s info letter to your members/families. The order form does all the selling.
4. Set your return date for orders and monies on the basis of a 2-3 week selling period for your families/members.
5. You bank all of the monies into your group’s bank account.
6. Summarize your orders and fax or email your order to the fundraising supplier
7. Schedule a delivery date and inform your families/members of pick up arrangements.
8. Make up your orders and hand out to some very happy people!

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Promotion is a vital key in the success of this type of fundraiser. The club must ensure it raises the awareness of the fundraising drive so that volunteers agree to participate. Many of the companies working in this market space will help your club with promotion by offering marketing and promotion tools - such as prizes for the volunteer that sells the most product, banners to place around the club and many more.

The club can also do its own promotion by mentioning the fundraising drive on:

- Club website
- Newsletter
- Noticeboard
- Signs around the club (especially the canteen)
- Blackboards
- Club Facebook and Twitter

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Revenue opportunities

Revenue opportunities are significant with these types of fundraisers, running into the thousands of dollars, depending on how much product your club volunteers can sell to their network of family, friends and associates.