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What is RaffleLink?

RaffleLink utilises custom designed software to provide online raffles to non-profit organisations. The aim is to help fundraisers work smarter and more effectively when it comes to fundraising.

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How can RaffleLink help your club?

Rafflelink can help your club in a large number of ways including:

• Widen the reach of your fundraising (great for clubs in regional areas)
• Raise funds 24/7 with next to no volunteers
• Use for stand-alone raffles or to boost fundraising at events (such as open days or awards nights)
• Use social media to engage with more people and take immediate ticket sales (via our online portal)
• Use the raffle to engage with new club supporters
• Run a Multi Raffle (which will allow you to run a single raffle with multiple team beneficiaries).

A big benefit for clubs is the opportunity to run a Multi-Raffle. Use RaffleLink to run a giant raffle across your code or region. Ticket buyers can attribute their purchase to a specific club or team and profit is divided accordingly.

Of course a little friendly rivalry between clubs will help spur along ticket sales!

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Why is RaffleLink the stress free and hassle free way to run a raffle?

Here are some of the reasons Rafflelink is stress free:

• No need to pre-purchase, design & print raffle tickets
• Wider reaching promotion using social media
• No ticket distribution, ticket recovery & accountability woes
• No daily record keeping maintenance
• Free marketing tools and artwork
• No money collection, counting, reconciliation, safe storage or banking
• Push button draw, winner notification & reporting
• Less time/human resources required to organise and conduct your raffle
• 24/7 ticket sales monitoring
• 24/7 access for ticket purchasers

Prize Packages

RaffleLink can also offer an additional prize sourcing service for fundraisers needing assistance with developing their raffle prize package.

How the RaffleLink online software works

• Fundraisers receive their own mobile friendly raffle webpage
• The webpage will take ticket payments securely via credit card
• We will supply unlimited phone support to get you up and running with your raffle
• Fundraisers will receive free marketing tools and artwork to help promote their raffle
• RaffleLink will handle sales reporting and account reconciliation for your raffle
• The system will conduct the draw and notify the winners
• Raffle proceeds are transferred into your account at the end of the raffle

It’s That Easy!


Here is an example of a Tuggeranong United Football Club using Rafflelink: