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Sportsman’s Night

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Sportsman's Night





Sportsman's Night

Quite simply, a Sportsman’s Night is a collection of speakers and an MC (sometimes a comedian) talking to the audience, entertaining them with stories, anecdotes and tales of their time in the sporting arena. The tone of the event may be comedic or motivational/inspirational.

Clubs can charge a price per head, inclusive or exclusive of drinks.  A Sportsman’s night is always popular and has the ability to draw crowds from outside the club, especially if the appeal of the speakers reaches across a wide cross section of the public. Potentially this type of event can raise in the thousands of dollars, especially if mixed with auction items, raffles and merchandise sales during the night.

Why not take one of our online courses and learn how to fundraise successfully

Why not take one of our online courses and learn how to fundraise successfully

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Financial Considerations

Profits can be substantial for this event but come with a risk on attendance. The major cost for the night will be the talent (your speakers & MC). Most speakers doing the Sportsman Night's circuits expect to be paid between $1500 and $5000 and are managed by agencies. Clubs are best served by pre-selling tickets rather than door sales, to make sure they can cover their costs.


It is important for clubs to understand their market when organising a Sportsman's night. For eg, football clubs and netball clubs have different audiences and therefore the speakers will be different. Booking speakers that don't match your audience will mean clubs will struggle to sell tickets.

Promotion is equally as important to make sure the night is fully booked. If clubs have invested significant sums in securing high-profile talent for the night then it is worth advertising the night in local papers and community radio. Free tools such as facebook and twitter should be utilised, as well as mentions on the club website, newsletter and noticeboards.

Revenue Opportunities

Revenue is mainly derived from not only ticket sales but also add on activities such as auctions and raffles, as well as merchandise sales, can be worked into the night to increase revenue. Clubs with bar facilities can also look to derive significant revenue from sales.

If your club does not have a bar or food serving facilities, then you can still put on a Sportsman's night by making it BYO drinks and nibbles.

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Licences and Permits

If your club intends to host a Sportsman's night that involves food and drink then it must have all the relevant licenses - check with your local council.

Factors to Consider

Event Definition and Format

  • Decide on your date and venue. Book them well in advance and try to avoid conflict with other community events
  • Organise talent and start pre-sales of tickets ASAP
  • Promote and market the event
  • Gather up items for auction & raffles from sponsors and local business
  • Book an MC or announcer that can manage the talent and also ensure a smooth and entertaining night

  • Technology and Seating Considerations

  • A PA system with amplifier that can carry across the room is essential
  • A Portable stage may also be required
  • Tables and chair hire may also be needed

  • Engage a media agency

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    This procedure should be treated as a guide only. Your club should seek advice specific to the needs of your club and event. Seek further details from authorities and service providers; especially in regards to insurance, licences, permits, spectator and participant safety.